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TradePending Vs. Kelley Blue Book

Updated: 3 days ago

We’re frequently asked by our future customers, consumers, and our friends, what’s the difference between TradePending and Kelley Blue Book? The answer is simple: transparency & simplicity.

As every industry becomes more digitized, valuable data within those industries becomes more available, visible, and actionable. In many cases, it’s data that forms the foundation of the entire transaction. Buying a new home requires comparable transactions, detailed data about the health of the building and property, and knowledge of market health and supply. Consumers flock to sites like Zillow and Realtor.com, feasting upon all of this instantly available and amazing market data.

Unfortunately this level of transparency still isn’t industry standard in the automotive industry.

Trade-in valuation tools like Kelley Blue Book still primarily focus on “book values”, with the data behind their price ranges hidden to the consumer. Here we arrive at an important consideration when thinking about data and transparency.

The value to the consumer isn’t just having data and making it available to them, it’s visualizing the data so that any person can easily interpret what the data tells them.

This data visualization is TradePending’s biggest strength compared KBB and their peers. Our SNAPShot report provides easily readable reports, backed with nationwide data on over 8 million listings, refreshed daily. The transparency these reports offer build trust with your customers, and result in more leads, conversations, and sales.

Because these are important to consumers, and these differences are also important to you.

The differences between TradePending and KBB aren’t limited to the consumer. We’re industry veterans and built our products to foster long-term relationships with our customers.

Important to Dealers

Most important of all: our streamlined integration, elegant mobile experience, data visualizations in the SNAPShot report, and approach to keeping consumers on your site results in more leads.

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